Simple & Clean Handmade Soap TM
Call it handmade soap or handcrafted soap, herbal soap or natural soap.  Whatever you call it, if you found it here, then it's made completely from scratch.  Real handmade soap - from our hands for yours - the gentlest, most silkiest soap you can buy.
We welcome you . . .
These fine soaps are handcrafted in small batches, using only the finest natural, organic (whenever possible) ingredients. Scented with essential oils, herbs and spices, they are made without chemical sudsing agents or preservatives. Only pure vegetable and mineral colors are used.
These soaps are created to be mild and gentle, yet many soaps address specific skin conditions, and can be used by the most chemically-sensitive people Simple & Clean Handmade Soaps is dedicated to supporting an environmentally-conscious, “green” system of design, manufacture, and merchandising, utilizing locally-produced, fairly traded materials. All soaps are vegetable-based, using a variety of oils, butters and plant extracts.

Women’s soaps are wrapped in colorful tulle with coordinating ribbons and raffia. Men’s soaps are wrapped in handmade papers and tied with coordinating ribbon or raffia. Children’s soaps are wrapped in real cellophane bags tied with ribbons. Ingredients for all soaps are listed on their tags.

Prices: $4.00 - $6.00 each.
Packages of 5 soaps for $18.00 or $25.00

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